Physics Account

All services inside the Department of Physics use the same login and password, called "physics account" or "D-PHYS account".

Account settings

Is this the same as the N.ETHZ account?

No. There is a physics account and a account. Not everyone has both of them and different things need different logins.

The Physics Account is given by ISG to students and members of the physics department, either working for the administration or a particular institute (including guests). This account is required to access your mail, your computer storage and provides the login for our workstations. The password can be changed here.

The nethz Account is given by the ETH Rektorat to every student and ETH human resources to every employee at ETHZ. You should get this login and password by regular mail to your home address. Please ask your secretary in case of problems. This account is required to access your (or email, the wireless network, VPN, licensed software via ides and several other ETH-wide services. The password can be changed at

How to get a physics account?

Please read our account policy page on how to obtain and extend D-PHYS accounts.

What about email?

Of course, with two accounts come (at least) two email addresses. In order to have a single point of email contact, you should forward one address to the other. Please read our howto and set it up accordingly.

How to recover a lost password?

In case you forgot your password, we can reset it and give you a new one. For obvious security reasons this cannot be done over the phone or by email. You need to come to our offices and bring an ID card.

Can I keep the account after I leave the D-PHYS or ETH?

See account expiration.