ETH Print Service

The D-PHYS uses the ETH Print Service of the central IT Services.

There are currently problems with printing because of a bug in Windows.

If you have problem with printing, please install one of the latest update:

Check for updates in Windows and install latest preview update from 22.11.2021 or the cumulative update from 14.12.2021. You can also manually download the update here

Installation instructions

  • Windows, macOS and Linux, alternatively you can use this Linux id printer installer.
  • ISG-Managed Windows Workstation
  • ISG-Managed Linux Workstation: we preinstall some default printers on all machines, only do this if you're missing a printer. All printers require you to authenticate when printing for the first time. Note that some Linux programs show a password dialog when printing. Just hit OK without entering anything.
  • If you're trying to use the system on a non-ISG-managed multiuser Linux machine, please talk to us, there are some additional steps to take.


  • selected printer and scanner models to suit all needs
  • push- and pull-printing for comfort and privacy
  • centralized technical support
  • automatic delivery of new toner
  • detailed accounting of the printer usage and per-page billing
  • no additional expenses for the printer hardware, toner or paper
  • efficient printing with fewer, but better adapted printers

Pull printing via card-ethz queue

The PIA system supports printing to a special card-ethz queue, which stores your print jobs for 24 hours, and lets you release it on any printer you put your ETH card on.

  • install the card-ethz queue from On Linux use these PPD.
  • print to card-ethz and release your job on any supported printer using your ETH card

Student printing

In order for students to be able to print, they need some money on their printing account. If you supervise students and would like to provide some printing money, use this website. Please only transfer small amounts like CHF 5 or 10. Our managed Linux D-PHYS computers already have the printing queue card-stud setup, Students printing documentation.

Guest printing

There are two types of guests: short-term ("Tagesgäste") and long-term ("Langzeitgäste"). Short-term guest accounts don't have the required attributes and cannot print. They should ask their hosts (or secretary) to print for them. Long-term guests can print with their guest account, but they have no ETH card for copier/scanner access. However, they can use those devices by entering their credentials on the device's touch screen.