All owners of a D-PHYS account have a certain amount of disk space on our file servers.

General Advice

Please follow our general advice regarding file management on our storage systems.

Access the files

Read our readme on how to configure your computer to access your files.

Group drives

Research groups of the Department of Physics can get shared file space or group drives. Feel free to contact us! Think of a good name for the group drive, up to 8 characters. If it's to be served by https, prepend www ahead of the name.


To protect the users from overfilling the servers, each user has a limited disk space available. You may have a look at your current disk usage. If you think you need more quota, get in touch with us.

Web space

Learn more about how to get a personal homepage.


All file servers are backed up on a regular basis. Read our instructions on how to restore lost files.

Access permissions

Access to the files on our file servers is granted by the usual Unix-type owner-group-other schema. In some cases, when the number of users is very small, we also use ACLs (we don't need an extra Unix group in this case).

Transfer files

Read our tips on how to transfer data.

Share files

Different services allow you to share large files with other people:

  • The Polybox service to share and collaborate with other members at ETH.
  • The SWITCHfilesender service to share one large file with anyone, or even allow someone else to send you a large file.
  • Your own personal web space at D-PHYS.

More Information