Restore data from our backups

You have read-only access to our backups if you want to restore files from your home or a group share. The folder structure is explained in the backup overview.

Please refer to BackupBox and BackupBox-Lab if you want to restore from optional backups of laptops and Lab PCs.


  • Open Start menu
  • Type \\\restore


  • Select the Finder
  • Click in the menu Go the point Connect to server
  • Type in smb:// and click Connect
  • In the following dialog, enter your username and password
  • You'll get your backup directory mounted and shown on your desktop



On Linux, you may access an SMB server with several interfaces:

  • Nautilus, Konqueror, far2l, mc and others are able to connect directly to smb://

  • Browse backups with ftp-like interface

smbclient // --max-protocol SMB3 -W AD -U <username>

NOTE that in some cases you have to use uppercase AD for the domain if you get a permission denied error