ISG Services

The IT Services Group (ISG) of the Department of Physics (D-PHYS) maintains and manages the IT infrastructure of the Physics Department. All members of the department (employees, students, guests) as well as other people (inside or outside of ETH) may use these services. Our support is targeted primarily on the needs of the D-PHYS. Others can use the services on an "as is" basis, as long as they are not stretching our resources too much. In this way we hope to support academic cooperation.

Many of our services are open to everyone, but others require authentication by a physics account. Please note that we may terminate an account temporarily or permanently if we suspect any abuse.

Some of our services cover basic infrastructure needs available to the whole department while others address individual requirements in groups or institutes.

TLS/SSL Certificates

To secure our services (e.g., HTTPS for web sites or SMTP and IMAP on the mail server) we employ two types of TLS/SSL certificates:

In the past some of our services/sites used CAcert or self-signed certificates. These should not be in use anymore. If we missed one in our checks or should you encounter any security errors, please contact us.

Hardware purchase process

As of Jan 1 2011 the hardware purchase process has been changed in order to give professors full control over their IT funds. The Informatikkoordinator in your institute acts as your local contact person.

News and announcements

We post announcements and notifications on our blog. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch.

List of Services

A non-exhaustive list of our IT services can be found here.