Our web servers at the D-PHYS use Apache + MariaDB (MySQL) + PHP/Python/Perl ("LAMP") and provide the following services:

  • Web hosting for group/project sites currently serving about

Support and announcement room

If you are a website owner, please join our Matrix room #web:phys.ethz.ch to get help and stay informed about upcoming changes on the webserver.

Web hosting overview

We can provide installations and support for various content management systems or wiki engines.

Fully managed

The services below are fully managed and recommended by ISG. We take care of the initial installation, maintenance (security updates) and possible migrations due to major version updates.

Partially managed

We provide installations with limited maintenance support for:


You may freely choose to install any other software or even write a dynamic website on your own in your preferred programming language. You are responsible for security updates and compatibility with our hosting environment.

How to get a site

  • To create a personal or group homepage in existing home directory or groupshare (public_html), please refer to this howto
  • For a dedicated webshare (with your own domain name, with a database, PHP, Python, Wordpress, etc.), please refer to this howto and request a new website.

For any other services listed or not listed above, please contact us.

More information on webhosting