Requesting a wordpress site

Please send an e-mail to isg@phys.ethz.ch with the following content:

  • Subject: New wordpress site
  • GroupAccountName: www<groupname> (replace <groupname> with the desired name consisting of only lowercase alphanumeric characters)
  • User(s): (a comma separated list of usernames to be added to the group)
  • SiteName: <sitename> (replace <sitename> with the desired fully qualified domain name)

Notes for <sitename>:

We are able to provide you subdomains as follows (if the subdomain is not already in use):

  • yoursite.ethz.ch
  • yoursite.phys.ethz.ch

If you already registered your own domain from a third party registrar (like yoursite.com), please create a CNAME alias pointing to our webserver zwoelfi.ethz.ch.. This is usually done in the web-admin panel of your registrar.

Customizing wordpress

Here you can find additional information on how to configure your managed wordpress installation.

Your custom wordpress content (wp-content) can be found in the home of your group account:

/home/www<groupname>/wp-content           # (Linux)
\\windata\www<groupname>/wp-content       # (Windows)
smb://macdata/www<groupname>/wp-content   # (Mac)

For more information on how to access the groupaccount's home, please refer to our documentation.

The wp-content folder contains the following:

languages -> /var/lib/wordpress/wp-content/languages/
plugins -> /var/lib/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/
themes -> /var/lib/wordpress/wp-content/themes/

The languages, plugins and themes are linked to our main wordpress installation by default. To install your own modifiable themes, plugins, etc., please replace the link with a directory containing the themes etc.

Example for custom theme directory

Using Linux

cd /home/www<groupname>/wp-content
mv themes themes-default
mkdir themes

# copy the default wordpress theme:
cp -r themes-default/twentyfifteen themes/

# download a new theme from the web:
cd themes
wget https://downloads.wordpress.org/theme/twentyfourteen.1.9.zip
unzip twentyfourteen.1.9.zip