Most owners of a D-PHYS account have access to an E-Mail. You can for instance access it through a web interface.



Jump to our Readme to learn how to configure your mail client.

Mail filtering (forwards, vacation/out-of-office auto-replies)

You can define custom mail filtering rules with Sieve.

Spam filtering

You can tweak the spam filtering rules for your account.

Mailing Lists

We also provide several mailinglists, see our overview for the available lists. Some of the lists are for closed user groups. If you would like to have a mailing list for your institute or group, please contact us.

Big Attachments

Use the SWITCHfilesender or Polybox services if you need to send or receive large attachments.

Lost Email

The mailserver is backed up on a regular basis. Read our instructions how to restore lost email from the backups.


You might be interested to have a look at our email statistics.