Some owners of a D-PHYS account have access to an E-Mail. You can for instance access it through a web interface.



Jump to our Readme to learn how to configure your mail client.

Forwarding and Vacation Messages

Mail forwarding and vacation messages (out of office replies) can be configured on the mailsetup page. There are also instructions how to forward mails from one account to another.

Individual Mail Filters

If you need more specific mail filtering than just for general mail forwarding or vacation messages, read how to setup your own procmail filter rules.

Mailing Lists

We also provide several mailinglists, see our overview for the available lists. Some of the lists are for closed user groups. If you would like to have a mailing list for your institute or group, please contact us.

Big Attachments

Use our upload service at http://www.phys.ethz.ch/upload/ if you need to send or receive emails with large attachments. For non-D-PHYS users, you can use ETH's CIFEX service.

Lost Email

The mailserver is backed up on a regular basis. Read our instructions how to restore lost email from the backups.

Spam & Viruses

Every mail that goes through our mailserver must pass a spamfilter and virus checker. The spam and virus signatures are updated every few hours. It cannot catch every virus especially new ones, but most of the old ones are kept back.

Even though a very high percentage is filtered out, some unwanted mails might still reach your inbox. Please remain wary when receiving attachments from unknown sources. It's also best to ignore emails asking for personal data or login information.

All messages identified as spam are moved to the SpamBox folder of your mailbox, where they are kept for 45 days before being deleted.


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