How to Use Email

Our mail server supports many ways to access your mail.

Web based Mail Client

Simple access to your mail from any web browser

See also How to update your identity in Roundcube

IMAP based Mail Clients

We recommend the following mail clients:

For some other mail clients we keep the documentation just for reference:

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Details

In a nutshell

  • Incoming mail server:
  • Outgoing mail server:

or with more technical details for advanced users:

Hostname Protocol Port Notes HTTPS 443 HTTP over SSL, always encrypted SMTP 25, 587 TLS available, use the submission port 587 when ports 25 and 465 are blocked SMTPS 465 SMTP over SSL, always encrypted IMAP 143 STARTTLS encryption required IMAPS 993 IMAP over TLS/SSL, always encrypted POP3 110 STARTTLS encryption required POP3S 995 POP3 over TLS/SSL, always encrypted