How to Use Email with Pine (IMAP)

Pine is from the same people who has developed IMAP. It's a simple but powerful text only mailclient which is used on many university in the world.

Our Pine installations on the mailserver itself and on all Linux workstations is already configured to use IMAP. You may start it without any troubles.

Configuring Pine for IMAP

To use imap on another pine, go through the following steps:

Menu, Setup, Config inbox-path={}INBOX

Setup, Collection Lists, Change Path: {}[] ^X

Configuring Pine for IMAP over SSL

Pine since version 4.30 knows about SSL and most installations should support it. With such a pine, you may use:

Path: {}[]

Configuring Pine for IMAP over SSH

Pine is also able to use IMAP over ssh. This is an easy way to read mails without entering the password. On the other hand, you'll need to do some setup:

  • Generate an ssh-keypair and add your own public-keys to your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys as described in SSH Samples D-PHYS Workstation to D-PHYS Workstation
  • Add the hostkey of your mailserver to your known_hosts with the command ssh
  • Quit pine and open your .pinerc in a editor, change the following lines:
folder-collections=Mail {}[]

replacing LOGIN with your own login.

Please contact us us if you want to use that feature.

Quoting Pine's online help: "No, nothing's simple." :-)