The ISG operates a large number of workstations running Linux, macOS and Windows. We call them Managed Workstations. You need a physics account to use them. Your files are automatically on our fileservers and backed up on a regular basis. Please also note the usage policy.

One public room is equipped with Linux workstations:

  • In the room HIT E 12 you'll find some computers running Linux and a wide range of applications like mail clients, word processors, TeX and scientific applications. These computers are free for public use within the usage policy while they're not being used for exercises.

  • A second room HIT F 21 exists, which is managed by ID services.

  • You can access a complete Windows Desktop from Linux with RDP: xfreerdp /f /bpp:24 /d:ad / /u:$USER +fonts

You will find those workstations also in several institutes like ITP, IPA and Nano. As well as at FIRST, and IGP.

More rooms could be found with the rauminfo database.