Managed Windows Workstations

We provide fully managed Windows 7 workstations which are connected to our Microsoft Active Directory service. Users can log in with their D-PHYS account and benefit from roaming user profiles.

We also provide a Windows Terminal Server environment where you can find and launch a bunch of standard applications. See Windows Terminal Server Login for further information.

The workstations come preinstalled with several standard applications like MS Office, Adobe Reader a virus scanner and so on. Additional applications, for example Acrobat Professional, Filemaker or Matlab can be installed upon request. The user interface language can be chosen to be either English or German.

Technical details:

  • The installation of a workstation runs automatically in silent mode.
  • For software deployment, we are using WPKG tool which allows installing, updating and uninstalling of managed software packages without user interaction.
  • Operating System updates are installed automatically, using the Microsoft WSUS Server.
  • As anti-virus solution we use Sophos Enterprise Security which provides centralization of updates, alarming and reporting.
  • The inventory of the clients is done with OCS Inventory NG which allows to collect details of hardware components and installed software for each workstation.
  • Windows print servers shares the printer drivers for x86 and x64 Windows workstations.
  • Xymon is used for monitoring. This allows us to get the status of a workstation and to find errors in log files rapidly (e.g. a dying hard disk).

First configuration steps:

For other Windows-specific topics refer to our Windows User read me.