There are two types of Calendar at D-PHYS that we recommend to use: Sogo is our calendar solution and Microsoft Exchange from the Informatikdienste.

Take a look at the Calendar compatibility Matrix to choose what is the right for you.

D-PHYS Sogo/Calendar

We run a web-based groupware system (Sogo) that allows calendar management and collaboration (sharing/editing) with other D-PHYS users. It provides a personal calendar for every user (by default) and group calendars (contact us). It also syncs calendar entries to a wide range of desktop and mobile clients.

Calendar Feeds

We also host, a web-based event announcement system. Apart from the displays around campus, RSS and PDF downloads, the events are also provided as iCal subscriptions - see the link below.


If you need to coordinate meeting times, have a look at ETH's doodle. This time management tool allows to poll collaborators to determine the best time and date to meet.

ETH Exchange/Calendar

The Informatikdienste of ETH use Microsoft's Exchange for email and calendar.

If you find yourself receiving a lot of Exchange meeting requests from other people at ETH, you might be interested in the solution we have found for our groupware: use Thunderbird + the Lightning plugin and sync to eGroupware as described here. If you then read the invitation email in Thunderbird, it detects the event and allows you to accept the invitation.