How to Use Calendar Feeds

We provide iCal-compatible feeds for the talks at D-PHYS. Unfortunately, not all calendar clients take the right action if you just click on these links in your web browser. We have seen programs that just add the current contents of the file to a calendar but do not actually subscribe to the feed. Hence, you will not get updates in the future. Below we list some popular clients and show how to properly subscribe to the ics feed.

Go to and choose the feed you want to subscribe to.

On some clients it's also hard to find out in which intervals they update the feed. You might want to manually refresh from time to time.

Apple Calendar/iCal

In the menu Calendar click Subscribe and copy/paste one of the URLs above.


Right click on calendar pane, New calendar -> On the network -> iCalendar, URL goes into Location


Outlook 2003 does not support ics subscriptions. Outlook 2007 does. Tools -> Account settings -> Internet Calendar tab -> New, provide URL and a name

iPhone/iPod Touch

Go to Settings -> Mails, Contacts, Calendars -> Add Account -> Other -> Add Subscribed Calendar, type in the URL