Wired network

ETH docking network

The ETH docking network is the default network for all computers. It uses the 802.1x protocol for authentication. You can use your nethz credentials to get full network access.

D-PHYS networks

Machines must be registered to access our D-PHYS networks. Registrations expire 45 days after the last usage of the computer in our network. Machines registered to you can also be directly reactivated on

D-PHYS NAT network with DynDNS

By default, all registered computers will be connected to our NAT networks. These are ETH-internal subnets with full access to the internet, but with a firewall that forbids access from outside ETH.

These computers are automatically listed in the dynamic DNS under the name This allows you to connect to your computer using this name instead of its dynamic IP address. The page also shows the name sent by your machine, that is used for DynDNS.

Other networks

We have a variety of other network types. If your computer hosts a service, that needs to be accessible from everwhere, we can move it to a public network and assign a static IP and hostname. Conversely there are even more restricted networks for special needs (IoT, eXile, etc). Please talk to us for more details.

Wireless Network

To connect to the wireless network (WiFi) from your mobile devices, please refer to wireless.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

To connect to the ETH network from outside the campus, please refer to how to use vpn.

Security Policy

All computers connecting to a network on ETH campus have to adhere to the security policies. This includes that the computers must be free of any viruses/malware/bots and that the access to the network can be blocked if those requirements are not fulfilled.

Please refer to our basic checklist that should help you to secure your own device.