Wired network

ETH docking network

The ETH docking network is the default network for all computers. It uses the 802.1x protocol for authentication. You can use your nethz credentials to get full network access.

D-PHYS network

Selected machines can be registered to access our D-PHYS network, for instance if they need backups via BackupPC.

Our DHCP-Webpage should show the state of your registration. Registrations expire 45 days after the last usage of the computer in our network. Machines registered to you can also be directly reactivated on

All computers are automatically registered in the dynamic DNS under the name This allows you to connect to your computer using this name instead of its dynamic IP address.

Wireless Network

Several wireless networks are provided by the Informatikdienste. You can access eth, or eth-5 with your n.ethz username and wireless password. If you experience problems when connecting from a Windows computer, try to authenticate with d\nethzusername to define the Windows domain. Alternatively you can connect to the public wireless which gives you access to all ETH webpages. You may then use VPN to access all the internet. See how to use VPN for more details. Lastly, you can connect to the eduroam network with your n.ethz username, followed by, and your wireless password (or any other eduroam member credentials).

If you have a visitor for only a couple of days who needs to access the wireless or VPN, you can create a day guest account.

If you want to control your IoT devices (contact us if you want to connect IoT devices to the IoT WLAN (needs to be set up first)), connect using your nethzusername@phys-iot to eth or eth-5.

Security Policy

All computers connecting to a network on ETH campus have to adhere to the security policies. This includes that the computers must be free of any viruses/malware/bots and that the access to the network can be blocked if those requirements are not fulfilled.