Wireless (Wi-Fi)

The official WiFi documentation explains in detail how to use the wireless networks provided by the Informatikdienste.

If you have a visitor for only a couple of days who needs to access the wireless or VPN, you can create a day guest account.

In case you have special devices that require wireless access, please contact us to connect them to the IoT network.

Best practices

If you are connecting for the first time or you need to re-connect your mobile device use an unloaded access point. This means better not do this in crowded places like the cafeteria, canteen or exteriors. There have been reports of problems when connecting from such places.

Connect your mobile device to the eduroam and/or eduroam-5 networks, which offers access for members of universities from many countries around the world.

Quick guide

For most devices automatic mode should work and you can leave everything on default settings. However on some mobile devices you may have to specify some of the following settings to connect to the wireless network:

Name Value
Network name eduroam
Wi-Fi security WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
Authentication Protected EAP (PEAP)
Anonymous identity leave empty
CA certificate leave empty / (none)
CA validation Check no CA required / Don't validate
PEAP version Automatic
Phase 2 (inner) authentication MSCHAPv2
Username (for employees) ETHusername@staff-net.ethz.ch
Username (for students) ETHusername@student-net.ethz.ch
Password Network password (WIFI/VPN)

Where ETHusername is your username from the ETH Account (nethz Account).

Test Wifi/VPN password

Should you be unsure about your Wireless/VPN password, you can try to log in on https://sslvpn.ethz.ch/ with username ETHusername@staff-net.ethz.ch.

Additional instructions