ETH Docking network with 802.1x

In collaboration with our colleagues in Informatikdienste we've migrated almost all our network sockets to the ETH docking network. This uses the IEEE 802.1x protocol that will allow us to virtually patch any VLAN to each individual client. This also paves the way for the upcoming VoIP telephony deployment in D-PHYS.

New clients that connect to the network for the first time will display an OS popup or a generic ETH page, instead of the well-known ISG D-PHYS landing page.

This works the same way as the ETH wifi. You either supply your n.ethz credentials in the popup or you log in via the landing page. Your machine will then be patched into the ETH docking network.

If you have a specific reason to have your machine in our D-PHYS network instead (HPx::745 for the technically inclined), please let us know and we will register your MAC address in our database. All existing machines at D-PHYS have been preregistered for HPx::745 in order to avoid any confusion. Certain macOS clients will need a bit of persuasion however, the required steps are described here.