macOS 802.1X

Many network cables are connected to the so-called docking network of ETH, which can dynamically assign the correct VLAN to computers. By default a computer can only access a very limited number of internet ressources. Unlimited access is provided if you either authenticate with your ETH account or let ISG D-PHYS register the MAC address of your computer.

Disable automatic connection

Although registered computers should automatically be connected to the D-PHYS network, many macOS clients continue to prompt the user with an authentication dialog.

Follow these steps to get rid of this dialog

  • Open the Network tab in System Prefences
  • Select your wired network interface in the list on the left
  • Click the Details button
  • Select the 802.1X Tab
  • Uncheck Enable automatic connection

Command for power users

Instead of following the above steps, you may enter the following command in a terminal to disable the automatic connection for your user:

defaults -currentHost write EthernetAutoConnect -bool FALSE

or, alternatively, provided you have admin rights, disable it for all local users:

for user in $(/bin/ls /Users/ | egrep -v '^(\..*|Shared)$')
    sudo -- su - $user -c 'defaults -currentHost write EthernetAutoConnect -bool FALSE'