D-PHYS Spam Filter & Virus Scanner


Every mail that goes through our mailserver must pass a spam filter and virus checker.

Even though a very high percentage is filtered out, some unwanted mails might still reach your inbox. Please remain wary when receiving attachments from unknown sources. It's also best to ignore emails asking for personal data or login information.

All messages identified as spam are moved to the SpamBox folder of your mailbox, where they are kept for 45 days before being deleted.


The spam filtering rules can be customized in the webmail interface, by going to Settings -> Junk.

The supported Address Rules are:

  • accept mail from a given sender and never mark it as spam (whitelist)
  • reject mail from a given sender and always mark it as spam (blacklist)

Under General Settings you can define the Score threshold (default: 5), which is the required number of spam points for a message to be moved to the SpamBox. Try to decrease the value if you get a lot of spam in your inbox, but beware that this also increases the risk of false positives, meaning that non-spam messages may also end up in your SpamBox.

Any changes must be confirmed with the Save button.