D-PHYS groups

D-PHYS groups control storage access permissions (see unix permissions and acl) and may serve as a groupshare for large amounts of group related storage space.

Every D-PHYS user may be member of any number of such groups. The group membership is managed by ISG D-PHYS or the respective group owner directly.

How to get group membership/access

Please get in touch with the owner of the group directly and ask to be given access. He may be able to give you access immediately or via our helpdesk. You may also contact us via email including the respective group owner in CC.

Please note: ISG can't decide who gets access to what, the OK must always come from the group owner.

How to view group membership

You can view group membership on our webinterface. To do so, please log in on account.phys.ethz.ch with your D-PHYS user account and navigate to Account Info or Show Members or use the links below:

Information for group owners

We have a new service for group owners to edit group membership. We are currently in the process of assigning the group owners to groups.

If you’re the owner of a group (or group share) and would like to be able to perform user management yourself, please get in touch with us.

How to manage group membership yourself

This service is available only for group owners.

Please log in on account.phys.ethz.ch with your D-PHYS user account and navigate to Edit Group Settings or follow this link. On this page You can:

Owners of our group shares so far always had to contact us in order to have members added or removed to/from the underlying LDAP group. One of the benefits of the recent LDAP migration is that we can now offer a web interface for LDAP group member management.