Personal or group homepage

So you want your personal home page at or

Note: ${HOME} refers to your home directory on the D-PHYS servers. This is automatically available on the managed workstations (either ${HOME} on Linux and macOS, or the H: drive on Windows). For self managed workstations read how to access the fileservers.

Access from any computer

You can log in from any computer to our login server ( using SSH and from there create the homepage in your home directory (see below).

Creating the homepage

Here's how to setup your homepage:

Short description for Linux and Mac command line users

mkdir ${HOME}/public_html
chmod 755 ${HOME}/public_html
$EDITOR ${HOME}/public_html/index.html

General description (e.g. for Mac, Windows, KDE or GNOME users)

  • Create a directory public_html in your home directory (this is the directory /home/your_user_name/ with your_user_name replaced by your user name. It is not your desktop neither the directory /home/)
  • Make it at least world accessible. You home directory does not need to be world accessible or readable though.
  • Create a file called index.html in that newly created directory and put some HTML in it. See for a good, easy to understand and though comprehensive HTML documentation in German.
  • Point your favourite web browser to (Please note that you will get a "Permission denied" error if you didn't create an index.html file beforehand.)
  • You may optionally register your personal homepage to show up in the ETH phone book. Go to, log in with your N-ETHZ account, then navigate to my services and Homepage.

Subdirectory password protection

See How to restrict access to a personal homepage.

Show beautiful math on your page

Check out KaTeX.

Configuration options

For the default public_html configuration and the list of allowed configuration options via .htaccess files, please refer to personal homepage configuration.


Only relative symbolic links are supported within public_html. Furthermore, links to /net are not possible.

Can I use CGI scripts for dynamic content?

Not by default. Please contact us and request CGI execution for your preferred scripting language like PHP, Python, Perl, etc.