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We provide a Grafana service at using InfluxDB as backend for time series data. To request a group-site (grafana organization) or access to an existing group, please contact us, providing the desired organization name and ldap group-mappings (see below).

Grafana is an open-source, general purpose dashboard and graph composer, which runs as a web application. It supports graphite, InfluxDB or opentsdb as backends.


The grafana web-interface is split into organizations, each having its own set of dashboards and datasources. Any datasource (InfluxDB) may be added to any organization as long as the org. admin has the respective username and password for the database, which they can retrieve from the dashboard home/admin/databases.

LDAP Group mappings

The organization membership is mapped via ldap groups. To view current members of ldap groups, visit our account page. The following grafana org. roles can be assigned to ldap groups, which will be assigned to all members of the group as soon as they log in at the grafana webinterface:

  • Admin: Allowed to add datasources, has all permissions
  • Editor: Allowed to add/edit dashboards
  • Viewer: Allowed to view dashboards

All users are members of the org. dphys with role Viewer by default, which is automatically selected on the first login.

To switch to another organization: Hover over your user profile picture in the menu on the lower left of the page and select switch and then the respective org. (switch to).

Add datasource (InfluxDB)

As org. admin you are able to add InfluxDB datasources for your organization using the parameters below:

Field Value
Type InfluxDB
URL http://localhost:8086
Access Server (Default)
Database <db_name>
User <db_user>
Password <db_password>

To request a new database see InfluxDB.

While it would be possible to also define any other datasource (incl. such from other servers), this is currently blocked. Please contact us in case you need such a configuration.

Using InfluxDB in Grafana

To get started using InfluxDB in Grafana refer to the official documentation.

How to share or present dashboards

To share dashboards without the need for authentication using a D-PHYS Account, for example to present it on a kiosk-style monitor, you can create a snapshot.

A snapshot allows to export an interactive (but static) dashboard via a link publicly. It can be accessed without authentication by anyone who has the link. See documentation for more information.

If you have the dashboard open, click on the share symbol left of the save button, then select snapshot and Local Snapshot button. This will create a link that you can share.

You can review/delete the snapshots at /dashboard/snapshots or on the left side via Dashboards > Snapshots. The same can be done with single panels.

Sending alerts to Matrix

Follow the instructions to use the webhook bridge.

Service overview

Server metrics

Realtime server metrics of the system hosting both InfluxDB and Grafana services.

Total CPU utilization (all cores)

  • 100% here means there is no CPU idle time at all. Also keep an eye on iowait

(-%). If it is constantly high, the disks are the bottleneck and slow the system down.

Memory usage

  • Keep an eye on the dimension used, if it maxes out queries may be too heavy and services could be interrupted. You can ignore cached, which is the disk cache that automatically adjusts depending on the available free (unused) memory.

Web requests

CPU utilization by service

Memory usage by service