We offer DokuWiki based wiki hosting for research and other groups in the Dept. of Physics:

Information for Wiki Admins

Admins can configure most settings in the Configuration Manager. Some options are greyed out or red. Those are forced by our main configuration and cannot be changed.

Plugins can only be (de)activated by ISG. Some of the installed plugins (ckgedit) are deactivated by default.

The sprintdoc template is set as the default template, which looks good on widescreen desktops and mobile devices. Admins can choose another template in the Configuration Manager.


To change access permissions go to Access Control List Management in the Admin panel.

Common permissions may include:

  • Default permission * @ALL None which means nobody has access
  • @ALL represents all users (the public internet)
  • @user represents all authenticated users (D-PHYS users)
  • Any other @groupname will be mapped to our LDAP groups

Example to grant full (Delete) access to a group:

  • Click on [root] to select the whole wiki namespace
  • Check that Permissions for Group is selected
  • Type the name of the LDAP group in the empty field
  • Click Select
  • In Add new Entry set the permission (Delete)
  • Click Save