Automatic Backup of Managed Workstations and Servers

Your data is backed up on a regular schedule. The last 30 days (or even more, on a best effort basis) are backed up on our backup server and are accessible by the user to restore files. This includes

Access Backups to Restore Data

NB: The following refers to the backups of the home directories on managed workstations. The backups of non-managed computers can be restored from the BackupPC web interface.

Most of these backups can be restored by yourself. Connect the network share with the backups and simply copy the files to where you need them.

Restoring Emails from the imap folder is a bit more tricky. But typically you can copy the files with the matching date and time from the cur folder to your computer and append the .eml file extension. You can then see the email and drag-n-drop it back into your email client.

Backup Folder Structure

Your personal directory contains 2 subdirectories, each containing folders with the individual backups organized by date and time.

      |   |
      |   |--2014.09.01_210002/    Homedirectory of September, 1st
      |   |--2014.09.02_210002/           "      of September, 2nd
      |   |...
          |--2014.09.01_200004/    IMAP-Mailfolders of September, 1st
          |--2014.09.02_200004/      "       "      of September, 2nd


Backups are typically done during the night - so the folder named 2014.09.01_210002 contains data of September 1st 2014 at 21:00:02.