How to add an ID printer on macOS

Make sure you are using the latest macOS 12.3 (resp 11.6.5) or later. The older releases are known to have problems with ETH printing.

Install driver

Download and install the required drivers, depending on the printer model

Install print queue

  • Open System Preferences -> Printers & Scanners and click on the + in the bottom left corner.
  • Select the Advanced tab (see below if this icon is missing)
  • Choose Type -> Windows printer via spoolss.
  • Enter the URL of the print queue.
    • pull-printing: smb://
    • specific printer on Hoengg: smb://
  • Provide a name and location.
  • Click Use -> Select Software and choose the appropriate driver
    • MP C3003 for card-ethz or A3 printers
    • MP C305 for most other printers
    • Generic PostScript Printer if the others are unavailable

  • Once the printer is added, you may optionally configure additional trays by clicking the Options & Supplies button and opening the Options tab. Then select Option Tray: Tray 2 if your printer has a second paper tray.
  • Further settings (Color or Black&White, Paper Tray, etc) can be made when printing.


On submitting your first print job, you will be required to authenticate with your n.ETHZ username and password. Make sure to prepend your username with d\.

Use the Keychain Access application to delete wrong or outdated passwords.

Customize toolbar to add the Advanced icon

  • Right-click on the toolbar and select Customize Toolbar

  • Drag and drop the Advanced icon to your toolbar