Hostnames of our services

These are the official hostnames you should use when accessing one of our services. All other names could change without notification.

Hostname Service Description More information D-PHYS IT Documentation D-PHYS ISG Website/News ISG Linux Terminal Server Readme Windows Remote Desktop Server Readme Outgoing mailserver Readme Mail over IMAP Readme Mail over POP3 Readme Access to your mail over the web Readme Access to your home directory Readme Access to groupdrives Readme Backup Readme, Debian Mirror Wikis Reactivate network registration of your computers Readme SQL Server (database only) SQL Server (for webshares and websites) Readme FileMaker Server, NTP Timeserver LDAP Authentication Cluster Server 1 Readme LDAP Authentication Cluster Server 2 Readme LDAP Authentication Cluster Server 3 Readme User and MAC Address Administration, Change password of your D-PHYS account Manage your D-PHYS account InfluxDB Service Readme Grafana Service Readme Matrix homeserver Readme Web-based chat client (Matrix/Element) Readme