Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

As of the second half of 2022, various web services using the ETH Account will need multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Affected services and set-up instructions

For a list of affected services and set-up instructions, please refer to the official article (de or en) in the ETH IT Knowledge Base.

Alternative software

You may freely choose to use alternative software packages without the need for MFA, which are either more secure or do not need (MFA) authentication:

Alternative authenticator apps

In addition to the authenticator apps recommended by ETH, the following open-source alternatives can be used:

TL'DR instructions

The MFA registration page will show the secret as qr-code and plaintext.

Add the secret to your authenticator or password manager:

  • Aegis: Add (+) > Scan QR code
  • KeePassXC: Right-click entry > TOTP > Set up TOTP, paste. Copy: Ctrl-T
  • KeePassDX: Open entry, Edit, Set up TOTP (clock+passwd icon) > paste (wiki)