Expiration of D-PHYS accounts

In early 2016 the department board decided on an account policy change which requires us to set an expiration date to all accounts. Here are the main facts of this procedure:

  • every account holder will be informed in advance by email before any action is taken
  • accounts will be blocked, not deleted - no data will be purged
  • the account holder can register a follow-up e-mail address. The menu link Follow-up Email will appear on our account portal 3 months before the account expires. After account expiration, an automatic notification message will be shown to anybody sending an e-mail to the blocked account.
  • the personal homepage will be set offline automatically. However, if your page contains useful information which is related to your work/studies at ETH Zurich and you think it should remain online, please contact ISG D-PHYS. Please be aware that after the account has been blocked it will not be possible for you to update it anymore.

Depending on the type of your account, different rules may apply, which you can read about in our account policy. Several types allow for an easy extension of the account validity. For all these actions we have created a new portal that allows you to manage your D-PHYS account.