Work from home or abroad

The following guides should help you to do home office or work remotely, while travelling abroad.


Many resources (eg. Ethis, scientific journals) are restricted to the ETH network. With VPN your computer behaves as if its was directly connected to the ETH network.


Our webmail provides quick access to your D-PHYS mails from anywhere. Consider using a normal email client for longer and more comfortable email access.


Your home and group shares can be accessed remotely with VPN.

Video Conference

We host a Jitsi server for audio and video calls. ETH provides access to Zoom for virtual meetings and video conferences.

Chat / collaboration

ISG offers a powerful chat solution (Slack replacement).


You can forward your ETH phone to another number in Switzerland or abroad (depending on your call restrictions). Various settings can be viewed and changed over the web interface.

Remote login

We provide a windows terminal server and a Linux server for SSH.

You may also request remote RDP access to your managed Windows workstation. If you enable RDP on unmanaged machines, please set strong passwords and keep in mind that you need VPN for access from outside ETH.

In case you don't know the name of your computer, have a look at, which lists all hosts registered on your name. The Sent Name is used for the sentname.dhcp[-int] DynDNS, and the DNS Name corresponds to static hostnames.

Filemaker Databases

After installing of the Filemaker application, you need to configure our server which is described here. For access from outside ETH you need VPN.

Remote support

This is similar to TeamViewer, please visit and download Re­mo­te Sup­port Cli­ent, start ISLLightClient, enter code given by the admin.

Other things to keep in mind

Beware that all files and settings that are stored locally on your ETH computer can not easily be accessed from outside. We recommend to keep all files in your home or group shares. Also consider exporting your browser bookmarks, so that you can transfer them to your computer at home.