Common usage of automounting on our Linux workstations

  • /net/<hostname>/export/data[1-9]
  • /net/<hostname>/scratch
  • /backup/, see Backup Restore

Explanation of the automountable directories

The directories /export/data[1-9] and /scratch are always local on the disk of the computer you're logged into (either graphically or via SSH). In the Institude for Astronomy, /export/data[1-9] on managed workstations is backed up, while /scratch and /export/data[1-9] in other institutes are not backed up.

If you want to access these directories from some other managed Linux workstation, you can access them via /net/<hostname>/<directory-path>, e.g. to access /export/data1 from workstation-a while being logged in on workstation-b go to /net/workstation-a/export/data1/, e.g. by typing on the commandline:

cd /net/workstation-a/export/data1

(Tab-completion does not work for the hostnames as this is automatically mounted on access and tab completion just works for already mounted stuff.)