Adobe Creative Cloud

ETH License

Adobe has forced ETH to move from impersonal serial numbers to Adobe Cloud accounts, linked to your full name and personal email address. All previous installations will stop working after November 30th 2019. ETH encourages users to switch to one of the many alternatives to Adobe software. You may also consider using the free Adobe Reader to open PDFs, as many don't need the features of the paid Acrobat Pro. If you really need to keep using Adobe software, you have to migrate to the new personalized license. The detailed usage conditions and disclaimer regarding the Adobe Cloud will be visible when ordering the software in the IT Shop.


  • Use your personal ETH account to order the Adobe Creative Cloud from the IT Shop.
  • Unless you have a managed computer, you need to download and install the Adobe Creative Cloud package from the IT Shop. Please uninstall the old Adobe software first.
  • Open the Adobe Creative Cloud application
  • Enter your N-ETHZ username, followed by as email address. Do not use an email alias or any other domain (eg

  • You will be redirected to a login page where you have to enter your ETH credentials as requested.

  • This should activate your Adobe license and allow you to install the software you need.

Fix common issues using the Adobe CC Cleaner Tool

In case the Creative Cloud application is not working as expected, it may help to completely wipe all previous installations of Adobe software using one of the Adobe Cleaning Tools and re-install the package from the IT-Shop.

Modify the language

  • In the preferences you can change the language in which the programs should be installed.