Integrations are bots, bridges and widgets that you can add to a room in matrix. They are managed by a separate piece of software, the 'integrations manager'. We use Dimension, an open source implementation.


Our integration manager should already be configured
otherwise got to Settings > General > Manage integrations:

  • Address:


Add widgets, bridges & bots in the right panel:

The integration manager will open:

Known issues

  • Removing bots via the manager does not work, use /kick instead
  • Slack bridge provioning is currently not supported, talk to rda in

Bots & bridges

See bots & bridges.


A widget is an external web application that is embedded into your room as an iframe. Any website could be embedded as a custom widget, although sometimes it is restricted by security settings.

To add a custom widget, click on Custom Widget, add a name and the URL of the page, and add it:

Experimental widgets

Collaborative online whiteboard and notepad: