Change Display or Keyboard language in Windows 10

You can change the display language, this is the userinterface language in Windows to english or german. There is also the possibility to change the keyboard layout to English-US or German-Switzerland depending on your personal preference. Please follow this steps to change the settings:

Open Control Panel from the search box.

Choose Change input methods

On the left side, click on Advanced settings

1. Change the display language

Choose the display language from the first drop down box (1). You can choose between English (United States) and Deutsch (Deutschland). This is the language for the GUI in Windows not for the keyboard layout

2. Change the keyboard language

Choose the keyboard language from the second drop down box (2). You can choose between English (United States)-US and German (Switzerland)-Swiss Germann. This is the language for the keyboard layout for the currently logged in user account. If you want to change the keyboard language for the logon screen, please contact us, because this must be done by an administrator.

Confirm the changed settings with the "Save" button below.

Now you should logoff or restart your computer for activate the new settings.