Using Windows RemoteApp

Windows RemoteApp let you start an application direct on your Computer without the Desktop from the Terminal Server.



  • Windows 7 sp1 or newer



  • currently not supported

How to use for sporadic user

This will open your RemoteApp temporary on your Desktop

  • go to
  • login with your phys account in ad\your_dphys_username format
  • chose an application and save this file on your local storage
  • run the downloaded file
  • Select the Checkbox Dont't ask me again for remote connections from this publisher and chose Connect

  • enter your credentials in ad\your_dphys_username format

How to use for regular user

You can add all remote apps permanently to your startmenu with this following steps.


The manual will you find here


  • Open Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Click the Remote Resources icon
  • Enter as URL and your D-PHYS credentials
  • On the first connection you may follow the settings of the screenshot below.