How to setup VPN on Mac OS X

There are basically two ways to use VPN on Mac OS. One way is to install the Cisco Any Connect Client provided by ID from the web interface. The other is to use the built-in VPN client of Mac OS without installing any third-party software. To do the latter, simply follow the steps below.

Open System Preferences -> Network and click on the + to add a new service. Fill in the fields as shown in the screenshot.

Enter as server address and provide your nETHZ login and VPN password.

Click on Authentication Settings and enter the Shared Secret and Group Name. If you don't know the Shared Secret, follow this link and login with your nETHZ login to see it.

Finally click on Apply to save the settings and Connect to connect to the VPN. You may check Show VPN status in menu bar to easily connect/disconnect VPN from the menu bar.