Microsoft 365 Subscription (Office 365)

ETH users have access to the Microsoft 365 subscription, also known as Office 365, for MS Windows, MS Office, Teams & various other software products by Microsoft.


ETH has decided to move from the anonymized accounts to the personal logins. Your full name and username will be shared with Microsoft.

The detailed license agreement can be found in the IT Shop and will be shown before ordering.

In particular it implies that no classified information is allowed to be stored in the Cloud. This typically includes (among others):

  • research findings before publication
  • research data subject to contractual confidentiality with third parties
  • sensitive personal or financial data
  • evaluation reports in the recruitment process

The user and/or information owner (ie professor) will be held responsible.

See here for more information about data protection and privacy.

The license allows the products to be used at home, but only for work-related matters. If you want to use Microsoft Office for private documents, you need to buy a personal license.

Your currently installed and licensed Microsoft products will continue working until the license has to be renewed (usually once a year) at which point you'll have to change to the new personal license. For managed workstations we can still install the desired Microsoft software packages for you, but you may have to enter your license upon first start.


Order License

  • Go to and log in with your N-ETHZ account.
  • In the left navigation, click on Service Catalog, then Cloud Subscription (below Identity and Access), and finally Microsoft Cloud Access.
  • Please DO READ the license agreement and ponder its implications.
  • After submitting the request, wait for the confirmation mail.

Please refer to the pdf of Informatikdienste for detailed instructions and screenshots.

Install Office on macOS

  • On macOS you can freely download all Microsoft Office programs directly from the App Store
  • When opening Office for the first time, sign in with your and ETH password.

Install Office on Windows

Further instructions

See here for further instructions.