D-PHYS Calendar (SOGo) - Common Tasks

Creating a new event

You need to click-and-drag in the web interface, not just click.

Inviting an LDAP group to an event

This is only possible in the web frontend (synced clients don't know about groups - but you can always invite an email address).

search for group:

expand group into users:

Note that once a group has been expanded to its members, this collection is static and will not be updated when group members change.


Sharing a calendar with a user or group

You can easily share your calendars with other D-PHYS users or groups.

Click on the 3 dots of the calendar that you'd like to share. Click 'Sharing...'.

Search for the user or group.

You can identify users by their @phys.ethz.ch and groups by their @localhost suffixes, respectively.

Note that you cannot directly search for <groupname>@localhost, so please only search for the groupname and scroll down in the filtered results to pick the <groupname>@localhost item.

If you tick the 'Subscribe user' checkbox, the user(s) will be automagically subscribed, otherwise they'll have to do this manually. Be careful with this option when sharing to (large) groups...

Then set the visibility and edit options to your liking.

Displaying external calendars

In the web interface you can display external calendars in iCal format (.ics). Click the + button next to 'Web Calendars' and fill in the external URL. In the context menu you can then tell SOGo to refresh the calendar on each login.