D-PHYS Calendar (SOGo) Client Config

Synchronization with external clients

SOGo offers both CalDAV and ActiveSync. Use CalDAV for Apple devices and Thunderbird and ActiveSync for Android and Outlook.


Note that if additional calendars don't show up on your sync clients with ActiveSync, you might have to enable "Microsoft Enterprise ActiveSync" in the calendar context menu.

Add Sogo in Outlook

go to Control Panel -> Mail (Microsoft Outlook) -> E-Mail Accounts... -> New... -> Manual setup or additional server types -> Exchange ActiveSync

Key Value
Your Name: Your Fullname
Email Address: dphysUsername@phys.ethz.ch
Mail server: sogo.phys.ethz.ch
User Name: dphysUsername
Password: yourDphysPassword

Add Sogo in Apple Calendar

Open Preferences -> Accounts and click the plus (+) to add a new account. Select Other CalDAV Account from the options then

Key Value
Account Type Manual
User Name dphysUsername
Password yourDphysPassword
Server Address https://sogo.phys.ethz.ch

Once the account is added, you can use the Delegation tab to show additional calenders that you have access to.

Add Sogo in Thunderbird

follow the instructions here

Add Sogo in Android

In order to set up your Sogo calendar in Android, go to Settings -> Accounts and Settings -> Manage accounts -> Add account -> Exchange, then provide your D-PHYS email address and hit Set up manually. Provide your D-PHYS password and change the Server settings like so:

Key Value
Domain/username dphysUsername
Server sogo.phys.ethz.ch

then hit Next. You can then do some fine tuning in the account settings.