D-PHYS Calendar (SOGo)

This is a new service currently in beta. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

Sogo is the current candidate for a new D-PHYS calendar solution. It offers sync via both CalDAV and ActiveSync and supports LDAP groups.

In comparison to our existing eGroupware solution it provides a number of features eGroupware is missing:

  • multiple calendars per account
  • public calendars that can be freely shared or integrated into a web page
  • LDAP group support. This means you can address the same group of people that have access to your group share
  • integration of web calendars (.ics)
  • also the web interface is more streamlined and less distracting

Of course, there's also ID's Exchange email/calendar solution. That one is a valid solution as long as you're in a pure Windows/Outlook environment, but it lacks some features that Sogo offers:

  • calendar sync via CalDAV (not just ActiveSync)
  • allow shared calendars to be synced



Common tasks in the web interface

Some common tasks in the web interface are described here

Synchronization with external clients

SOGo offers both CalDAV and ActiveSync. Use CalDAV for Apple devices and Thunderbird and ActiveSync for Android and Outlook.

Calendar client setup is described here.

Calendar migration from eGroupware

If you use already eGroupware follow the instruction at the migration page to migrate your calendar data.