How to edit the userParameters binary blob in Active directory

For setting the TerminalServicesProfilePath attribute in Active Directory, one has to fight with a weird (and I'm being polite here) encoding. The whole magic is now included into our user creation process, the basic algorithm is just sketched here as a reference (note that each character of plain text is encoded in 3 bytes of binary):


for each character you want to encode, do:

  • split the character's byte into nibbles xxxx and yyyy
  • have a look at xxxx. If it's ≤ 9, control x equals 001011, otherwise it's 011010
  • have a look at yyyy. Here the bit patterns for control y are 001110 (yyyy ≤ 9), 011010 otherwise
  • if xxxx>9: xxxx -= 9
  • if yyyy>9: yyyy -= 9
  • take the 1110 prefix, control y, yyyy, control x and xxxx and glue them all together to yield a 24 bit string
  • convert this bit stream to three bytes

More details here.