D-PHYS close contact tracing

Even with careful planning of your work day at ETH (for example by way of our Lab reservation system ) you will probably still have occasional encounters that qualify as "close contacts" (< 1.5 m for > 15 min, no mask). In order to keep track of those, we developed a convient and fast close contact tracing tool at


Typical examples of close contacts are meetings or group lunches. The process works as follows:

  1. D-PHYS members use contrace.phys.ethz.ch to log their close contacts while at ETH. Fellow ETH employees and students can be added via a simple name lookup, external contacts can be registered by their contact data.
  2. If a D-PHYS member is tested positive, he/she informs his/her supervisor and the D-PHYS coordinator Sebastian Huber.
  3. Sebastian uses the admin interface to generate a CSV containing all registered close contacts of the person who tested positive.
  4. Sebastian then sends this CSV to SGU in order to start the contact tracing process.
  5. SGU import the CSV into the lookup tool in order to perform the lookup from ETH uids to private addresses and phone numbers. They can then export or print this data for easier processing.
  6. If required, SGU coordinates with the Kantonsarzt regarding further steps.