Munki - Managed Software Installation for macOS

What munki offers

Munki is an open-source tool to easily manage software installation on macOS. It will download and install third-party software and updates. ISG D-PHYS uses munki to deploy software packages and updates on the managed macOS workstations.

What we offer

The list of packages available in our repository can be seen at All free software packages will automatically be available for installation on your computer. If you need access to commercial software, requiring for instance an ides license, please contact us. The list is constantly being updated as new software updates become available or new programs are added to the repository. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions.

What you need to do

Simply contact us. We will register your computer and provide you the client software.

How to use the software

Munki installs the Managed Software Center application. When launching the application, it will check for available updates and display them. You can browse the free software packages by name or category, and see the list of items installed on your computer. If you no longer need a specific program click the remove button in order to uninstall it.

Managed Software Center

Munki may prompt you whether you want to log out to perform the updates, or remain logged in. It's always safest to log out first, but many updates can be installed without logout.

Munki will also check for updates in the background and notify you when updates are available.