Network migrations

As explained in our blog posting, the D-PHYS network will undergo several changes over the next months. This readme page is meant to keep track of some details and up-to-date information.

Network segmentation

  • No exact date is currently known for the actual network segmentation, but Informatikdienste consider sometime between September and November 2021.
  • We have already started the migration. We will contact the users of computers with a static hostname in case it needs to get a different IP address.

NAT network

  • The NAT migration is in full progress. All new MAC addresses are being registered in the NAT network. We will continue to move hosts from the dynamic pool (current IP range into the NAT. If you happen to have a host in that range, that absolutely requires to be accessible from outside of ETH, please let us know.
  • Depending on the building, we will also migrate hosts from the internal IP range ( into the new NAT networks.

DHCP migration

  • We plan to migrate most subnets without further announcements, as we do not expect any noticeable changes for the users.
  • In case you have special hardware that is not sending regular DHCP requests but does not yet have a static IP and hostname, please let us know, so that we can assign a fixed IP instead.
  • Depending on the subnet, the DHCP server will announce the available netboot server to all clients. In case your device has network boot enabled in the BIOS/UEFI, you may briefly see a reference to our server, where the client is told to simply boot from its main drive. Let us know if this is causing problems and feel free to disable the netboot altogether on your computer.

General considerations

  • Given the IP re-addressation of many hosts, watch out for any hard-coded IP addresses in your network configuration or firewall settings. In particular make sure to white-list our new private range reserved for D-PHYS.