Manage UTP Connections

Members of the ISG can ask the ID-KOM to set up patches for UTP connectors. Other people can contact us to request such a patch. Please make sure that you find out the correct numbers of the UTP connectors and that they are not already in use by some phone or fax machine.

Each patch is fairly expensive. Request a patch if it is either the first network connection in a room or if you reasonably expect to use it for a year or more. For temporary installations it may be preferrable to use an Ethernet switch.

Here are some steps to take in such a case (by ISG members only)

  • find out what the current patch situation is: connections for a specific room or the situation for a specific UTP connector. Note that this does not include telephone or fax machines. Those have to be checked by inspection.
  • chose one of the appropriate VLANs
  • enter the requested UTP patch in the web form (NETHZ login required), or log in to netcenter, in the "Services" Tab go to "Daten->Patch-Service" and click "neuer Auftrag".


UTP stands for "unshielded twisted pair". Despite the name, all official ETH installations are done with shielded cables and connectors. They are necessary for the 100 MBit/s Ethernet (the so called 100BaseT) and they allow 1GBit/s Ethernet. Make sure you use the proper CAT5 cables.