DokuWiki OpenID Plugin Troubleshooting

We run DokuWiki version 20091225c as available in Debian Squeeze in a farm setup with a few plugins, including the OpenID plugin.

The information below counts for the version 2.2.0 of the DokuWiki OpenID Plugin as found on:

Different Authentication Backends

  • Works fine with at least LDAP and Plain backends
  • Seems to have some issues, if the Chained backend is used to use multiple backends.

Common Issues

  • If the plugin doesn't work at all with PHP 5.3 or later but throws deprecation warnings, either disable them or redirect them into a log file instead of to the website.
  • If you can login with an until then unknown OpenID, and the new user is created, but the association OpenID <-> User is not saved, make sure, the configuration directory (should be /etc/dokuwiki/ on a default Debian installation) is writable for the webserver (write permissions for the user www-data).
    • If you don't want to give the webserver write permissions for the whole directory, then create a file named openid.php in that directory containing just the <?php plus a line break and make that file writable by the webserver.
  • If you remove users manually from conf/users.auth.php (or /etc/dokuwiki/users.auth.php), make sure you also delete according associations from conf/openid.php (or /etc/dokuwiki/openid.php), otherwise you may run into strange problems, if you try to create new users again with those OpenIDs.

Tips & Tricks

  • On Debian or Ubuntu, install the php-openid package and replace the Auth directory contained in the plugin with a symbolic link to /usr/share/php/Auth, then you have proper security support for the PHP OpenID library instad of using the embedded code copy contained in the plugin.