D-PHYS Calendar (SOGo) - Migration from eGroupware

You can export your existing calender entries in eGroupware and import them into SOGo.

Export your calendar data from eGroupware

Choose 'Export' from the menu.

Choose 'export-calendar-ical'.

In the 'Selection' tab, choose the time range you want to export. Make sure to set the end date sufficiently late to catch all upcoming events. Choose the calendar you want to export. Click 'Export' and download the file.

Import your calendar data into SOGo

In SOGo, click on the 3 dots of the calendar that should get your import data. Click 'Import'.

Click 'Upload' and select the file you downloaded in the previous step.

Sync your client

If you haven't configured your client to sync with your new SOGo calendar yet, now would be a good time to do so.