Groupware in Microsoft Outlook

Synchronization between eGroupware and Microsoft Outlook is handled by an additional software called "iCal4OL" which needs to be installed on your computer. If you're working on one of our managed Windows workstations, please contact us to have this program installed. If you manage your machine yourself, download "iCal4OL" from here: Download ical4ol (use your D-PHYS login if prompted for credentials)


Login with an useraccount with administrator rights and install it, then download the licence file and copy it to the installation directory from "iCal4OL" typically "C:\Program Files\iCal4OL".


Now login with your usual useraccount and start "iCal4OL" from the Startmenu:

Provide your account information according this example:

Note: Login and Password are the same as your D-PHYS login and password.

On this screen press "Speichern" button.

Configuration is now finished, press "Speichern & Exit" button.

Start "iCal4OL" from the Startmenu again, use the shortcut with the desired synchronisation schedule.

This icon in systray shows that the tool is active and will do the synchronization in the background.

Note: After rebooting you have to start "iCal4OL" again from the Startmenu. You can also copy the "iCal4OL" shortcut from the Startmenu to the startup (autostart) folder for automatic startup after a reboot.


(optional) How to avoid the synchronisation of events marked as private

If you want to avoid the synchronisation of meetings marked as private between Groupware and Outlook, you can configure it according these steps:

Start "iCal4OL" from the Startmenu:

Go to Tab "1. Wie" and select the option "Erweiterte Optionen auf Reiter x.1 Mehr ber├╝cksichtigen".

Go to Tab "1.1 Mehr" and select the option "Termine filtern..." and press the "..." button.

Select the option "PRIVATE nicht importieren" and press "Ok".

Go to Tab "2.1 Mehr" and deselect the option "Private" and press the "Speichern" button.

Go to Tab "Start" and press the "Starten Synchronisation" button.