Sync eGroupware with iOS

With your iPhone you can sync your mobile calendar to our eGroupware. To do that, perform the following steps.

iPhone Settings

Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Add Account... -> Microsoft Exchange

This will use the ActiveSync protocol.

iPhone Exchange settings

enter the following:

  • Email : your Email address for the physics account
  • Domain : leave this empty
  • Username : your login name for the physics account
  • Password : the password corresponding to the account
  • Description : choose how you want your calendar to be named

When you choose Next an additional parameter will appear where you can enter the server.

iPhone Exchange with Server entry

For our groupware it is

iPhone Exchange fill in Server

After you fill this in and choose Next your settings will be confirmed.

iPhone Exchange confirmation

Choose to sync your Calendar and if you want your Contacts too.

iPhone Exchange sync settings

Depending on whether you have used other services protected with our SSL certificate or whether this is your first time you may need to confirm a certificate at some point in this process.

That's it. Your iPhone calendar will now sync with eGroupware.