How to Import WebCal Calenders into eGroupware

  • Click on the calendar icon in the icon row on top of the web interface
  • In the menu in the left column click on "Profil definieren" (German) or "Define Import|Export" (English). It's likely the bottom most menu entry.
  • Click on the pull out slider on the left page border.
  • Click on "Zeitplan" (German) or "Schedule" (English)
  • Click the "Hinzufügen" (German) or "Add" (English) button.
  • Choose "Kalender" as "Anwendung" ("Calendar" as "Application").
  • Choose "import-calendar-ical" as "Definition".
  • Add the webcal URL (with http:// instead of webcal:// if present) as "Ziel" or "Target"
  • Fill in the some cron-like time ranges during which the file should be downloaded, e.g. "minute 0" for "every full hour"