D-PHYS Groupware

At https://groupware.phys.ethz.ch/, we provide an installation of the powerful web-based eGroupware collaboration suite. It's available to every owner of a D-PHYS account and offers many features like calendar, address book, integrated webmail, a todo list, project management and an integrated wiki. Furthermore, it supports synchronization of calendar and contacts data to a wide variety of targets.

eGroupware might also be the solution if you're looking for a collaborative calendar for your team or group. Please contact us if you're interested so that we can help you get going. Usage scenarios (mainly for ISG staff).

There are some online tutorials that might help you use eGroupware.

Sync Calendars with Applications

Converting Calendars from other Sources

Access Calendars via the Web

Open the URL https://groupware.phys.ethz.ch/

D-PHYS Groupware

Configuring which calendars to sync

If other users give you permission to access their calendars, you can configure groupware to also sync their calender to your clients.

  • Select Preferences in the groupware web interface
  • Select CalDAV/CardDav sync in the top right dropdown
  • In the Calendar tab, select the users/calendars you want to sync